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Why A Lawyer Is Important In A Divorce

I am attorney Michael Kramer, and I have been practicing law for more than 40 years. In that time, I have seen a lot of changes in the law, and especially in divorce.

The biggest change is the way divorces are resolved. In Georgia, divorcing parents are now required to enter into parenting plans and mediation has become a regular part of the process.

Mediation, in particular, tends to give the divorcing parties a sense of control over the outcome of their divorce. Mediation  can be especially important for divorcing parents who want to minimize the effect their divorce has on their children. It also provides an excellent opportunity to resolve issues without going to trial.

Still, the work of a divorce lawyer is just as important as ever. They are crucial to protecting your rights in divorce. A skilled attorney can catch things you might easily miss if you try a do-it-yourself (DIY) divorce.

Property Division And More

I help protect my clients’ rights in divorce. When you are my client in divorce, I help you reach a resolution that will be fair and help you get off on a good foot as you begin the next stage of your life.

One of the most complex aspects of any divorce is property division. This process requires the parties to list all their assets and then divide the marital property according to state law.

For many types of assets, property division is highly technical. Homes, businesses, stock options, retirement accounts and other types of assets may have to be professionally valued in order to ensure that each spouse is treated fairly in the division. Additionally, the issues of child custody, including legal custody, physical custody and visitation, are matters that must be handled professionally.

One reason why DIY divorce is dangerous is that you can easily miss legal and technical details — especially when you are frustrated, impatient, angry or experiencing any of the other heightened emotions that come with divorce.

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